Course List

  • Introduction to Driver Education and English Language Assessment

    Why you have made a good career choice; occupational abilities and interests; work requirements and conditions; why driver education is important; and includes an English language and U.S. currency assessment.

  • Professional Service Delivery

    Being a professional taxicab driver means a lot more than just driving passengers from one place to another and getting paid for that. Being a professional means that you are a driver that works hard to provide the best service possible. And, it means that you always respect your passengers. This course will show you some things that you can do to become a more professional driver and how important that is for you and for your customers.

  • Passenger Relations and Effective Communications Skills

    The most important decision we make each day just might be the attitude that we choose for ourselves and that we show to others. We can show either a positive attitude or a negative attitude by the way that we speak to others, including what we say and how we say it, and by non-verbal communications such as gestures and ‘body language.’ Having good customer relations means more income for you and your company. In this course, you will learn about positive and negative attitudes, and ways of communicating, and how they can affect your relations with your passengers. It’s all about understanding and controlling your attitude and how you show that attitude to others.

  • Basic Passenger Rights and Driver Service Responsibilities

    Do you know how to assist a disabled or elderly passenger? What do you do if your passenger is blind and maybe has a guide dog? How can you communicate with someone who is deaf or who has a speech problem? What about passengers with wheelchairs or walkers? Know how to help these passengers is not only part of providing good customer service, but it also is required by law or by regulations. This course will show you how to assist these passengers so that you can follow the law and also build your business.

  • Driver Safety and Health

    In this course you will learn some tips that will help keep you in good health and safe while on the job. Good health practices include taking good care of yourself. That means eating right, exercising and getting good rest. And, it also means staying alert. What can you do to prepare for, and recognize and avoid dangerous situations? How can you and other drivers help each other to stay safe? These questions and more are answered in this course.

  • Defensive Driving

    Defensive Driving is a critical skill for a professional driver because it is the best way to prevent accidents and keep yourself and your passengers safe. Defensive driving means that you must look out for the mistakes of other drivers. This course will show you how you can do that by reviewing safe driving techniques and showing you how you can avoid common driving mistakes. It also shows you how you can avoid getting involved in road rage incidents with other drivers.

  • Local Matters of Concern for Drivers

    Taxicab companies and drivers are regulated by local government. You must know about the rules and regulations in your service area so that you can stay away from trouble with your company or government regulators. Besides being friendly and courteous, one of the best ways to impress your passengers is to show them that you really know your local area very well. In this course, you will learn about local government rules and you also will be shown some of the best ways that you can learn all about your local area. Taxicab drivers that know their service area best are the ones that customers will keep coming back to and that means more business for you.

  • Driver Business, Operations and Financial Management

    This course includes important information for you on ways that you can increase rides and fares; suggestions to keep your vehicle in good working order; and the basics of running your own small business. By understanding how to generate fares, properly maintain your vehicle, and keep your finances in order, you will be well on your way to making your business a big success!

  • Operating as an Independent Contractor Driver or Employee Driver

    Are you an Employee of the taxicab company or are you an independent contractor driver? It’s important for you to know your status because, either way, you have certain rights and responsibilities. As an employee, you work for the taxicab company and they provide you with pay and benefits. As an independent contractor, you are in business for yourself and you should have a written agreement between you (your business) and the taxicab company that details how you and the company will work together. As an independent contractor, you also have responsibilities for paying taxes to the government, as well as for paying your own salary and benefits. This course will provide you with the information that you need to know as an employee or as a contractor.